We lost

 There was a point in our universal existence that we lost all opportunity for a better future. This is a statement of fact and a challenge to your conviction. Maybe it was the beginning of industrialization, maybe it was the beginning of agricultural societies, maybe it was the technological innovations of war, or maybe it was our collective incapability to stop climate change, but in any case, we’re afflicted with multiple terminal illnesses to which even if one miracle solved for one, the others would surely take us to our end. The powers that be gave us a fully loaded revolver for a game of Russian Roulette.

 The apocalypse isn’t the issue. In the way that death is inevitable, every indicator reveals that we will be the end of the mass extinctions we’ve perpetuated, and this doesn’t matter. I don’t mean this in the nihilistic sense. The value of our collective self interests are not contingent on existential threats or realities. If your ethical conclusions are shaken by the fact that none of us may exist any longer, it is both a question of your conclusions and your convictions. If you chose not to do good in the face of apocalypse, what substance is your “good” in any other case? A good action, committed in the absolute certainty of which you’ll receive no benefit, is evidence of conviction.

 So, the world is ending. Shall we stay idle as it does? Shall we stand aside? We lost, long before any of us had a say. We had as much say about our existence as we did about our individual birth. Which of us would’ve chosen to say yes if we had the option to be born? Despite this, I don’t think these are factors of importance. I’m rather hopeless and optimism seems like a sham, not only that, but even getting out of bed seems like a waste.. Yet there is not a single day I wouldn’t spend fighting for a world I thought we’d never have. The inevitable seeks to destroy us long before we’re buried and breathing itself becomes a continuous act of resistance. It is not enough for resistance to be inhaled and exhaled, however, my veins should bleed insurrection against the tyranny of fate dictated by those who came before.

 It is not enough to be caught between the superficial morality imposed upon us by every facet of society against the backdrop of an inevitable death that would deem us meaningless. We must resist all that came before, that is now, and that is inevitable. If we couldn’t break the chains that bind us, the next best thing would be to bleed in our struggle to break free from them.

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